Yearbook Information

For Yearbook students,

You know the expectations for the class. If you need the syllabus, here you go >> Fall 2017 Yearbook Syllabus.This class is treated like a business, so if anyone on the yearbook staff misrepresents the school, let me know ASAP.

Our checklist deadlines will be posted here as each person has an assignment for each deadline.


  • 11/19
  • 12/10
  • 1/14
  • 2/4
  • 2/25


To purchase your Yearbook, please visit this link:

The price of the yearbook will change according to the following dates:

Current- August 24th: $80.00 (with 4 free icons if you buy personalization)

August 25th – December 7th : $85.00 

December 8th – February 2nd  : $95.00

February 2nd- Sell Out: $100.00 


Senior and Friendship Ad information:

Click HERE to purchase a senior ad :

Early Bird!! Order by October 31st: Full Page ($400.00), 1/2 page ($250.00), and 1/4 page ($125.00)

Order by December 1st: Full Page ($425.00), 1/2 page ($275.00), and 1/4 page ($150.00)


You must CHOOSE your senior photo! –

Also, seniors need to CHOOSE their senior photos by September 27th from Lifetouch. Students and Parents need to pick 1 Formal & 1 casual pose they want in the yearbook and then call 800-736-4775  by September 22nd with pose #’s. They will need the session ID and proof #’s from their prints. If they don’t choose a photo, Mrs. Hoover and the lab choose one for the individual.

Senior Baby Photo  – 

Baby Photos will be collected by  October 1st.  No specific size is required. Baby pictures should be clearly identified.

Please upload them to this link and include the student’s FIRST and LAST name:

If you don’t get your senior photos taken, your baby photo will not be in the yearbook.