Tuesday, October 31st


We started with our journal.

2nd period had the pleasure of going to the show at school to see “Nevermore” by Edgar Allen Poe.

We also worked on “Apartheid” questions to help us gain a better understanding of the stories that we are reading >> Apartheid Questions.

We also allowed for people to make up their work as the grades are lower.


Mrs. Hoover


Monday, October 30th

Hey Everyone!

Today we started with our journal. Then, I allowed students to finish their “Big Fat Greek Wedding” questions and chart >> My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

Then, we looked at 2 videos- one focuses on the story that we just read “Kaffir Boy” and the new story, “Pick One.”

Click HERE and click HERE.

The questions for the videos are here >> Mark Mathebane and Trevor Noah Videos 

I allowed students 30 minutes to work on “No Red Ink” as we are behind!

Mrs. Hoover

Thursday, October 26th

Hey Everyone!

Today we started with our journal.

Then, we read a story in our Springboard book called “Kaffir Boy.”

Here is the introduction PPT >> Kaffir Boy . 

Here are the PPT notes and questions >> Excerpt from Kaffir Boy PPT notes and questions.

After, we started “Our Big Fat Greek Wedding” to compare cultural differences >> My Big Fat Greek Wedding .

Tomorrow, we will finish the movie. E-mail me if you have questions, please!

Mrs. Hoover >> Holly.Hoover@cobbk12.org.

Tuesday, October 24th

Hey Everyone!

I’m out today at a pep rally, but here is what we did!

We started with our journal. Then, we worked in our Springboard books reading “Funny in Farsi” – I found a PDF version- click HERE (read pages 3-7).

We completed these questions while reading >> Funny in Farsi .

Then, we wrote about one our most embarrassing moments>> Funny In Farsi Writing.

After, I had them work on a fun word worksheet that focuses on choosing better words in writing.

E-mail me questions! Have a great day!

Mrs. Hoover


Monday, October 23rd

Hey Everyone!

Today we started with our journal and working on our “Where I’m From” piece>> Where I’m From Original Poem & Template_0 . This also includes the template for you guys to create your own poem (finishing it today, presented on Wednesday).

After, we uploaded our papers >> Instructions for Turnitin 2nd period and Instructions for Turnitin 4th period.

Then, we looked quickly at this introduction > Memoir and Funny in Farsi .

Tomorrow I will be at a Teacher of the Year pep rally, so students will have work to complete during class.

E-mail me with questions! My e-mail is Holly.Hoover@cobbk12.org.

Mrs. Hoover

Friday, October 20th

Hey Everyone!

Today we started with the journal.

After, we peer edited with this sheet >> peer-editing-worksheet! We are turning our papers in on MONDAY, no exceptions. We will be turning it into turnitin.com as a class. You don’t need a hard copy of your paper as I will print them out.

Students were also able to work on “No Red Ink” or the “Where I’m From” (see previous post).

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, October 19th

Hey Everyone!

Today we started with the journal and continued with Springboard.

We looked at the author reading the poem – click HERE. 

Then, we looked at a student’s version of “Where I’m From”-  click HERE. 

After, we talked about “Where I’m From” by looking at this poem Where I’m From Original Poem & Template_0 . This also includes the template for you guys to create your own poem (working on it today, presented on Monday).

After, we worked on our papers in the Media Center. To help guide the students with formatting, I gave them this document >> mla-format-for-research-papers and works-cited-practice ( you only need the 2 articles and book citation). For a short cut, if you open a new Word document, in the search bar type “MLA” and a template comes up to use!! Here is the explanation of our final paper >>night-essay-info.  If you need it, click HERE for the “Night” text.

Here is the format for the “MLA” paper >> MLA format.

If you’re still confused about finding the article, here is a breakdown of the resources >>


“Night” citation:

Wiesel, Elie,Wiesel, Marion.Night. New York : Hill And Wang, 2006.Print.

Your paper is due tomorrow- we are turning them in during class.